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Environmentally Friendly Farming

If you want to know about real sustainability, ask a farmer - our livelihoods depend on it

As an organic dairy farm, we have chosen to farm using the most environmentally friendly methods available. We have regular inspections and follow strict rules in order to keep our "organic" status.

Organic farming aims to produce high quality food, using methods that benefit the whole food system; from soil to animal, people to planet. 

No other method of farming comes close to being so beneficial for wildlife and the natural world.


We are proud members of OMSCO.

One of the world’s largest and most influential organic dairy companies, OMSCO members account for 65% of the UK’s organic milk supply.

Entirely owned and run by farmers, the organisation is 100% organic. 

It is centred on the basic principle that organic farming is simply ‘a better way to farm’. 



Organic milk is better for you.

Milk from an organic dairy like ours can have up to 70% higher levels of omega 3 acids than non-organic milk, which helps maintain a healthy heart.

Dairy is a wonderful source of natural protein as well and organic milk also has more Vitamin E and beta-cartotene than non-organic milk which are essential for a healthy immune system.

Milk Splash


We love our cows and we know all of them by name. When cows are reared in intensive farm environments they are on average culled by 6 years of age. We take care of our herd until they are around 12 years old. 

By choosing to farm organically, we adhere to higher levels of welfare. This means our girls live outside during the grazing season, are fed a healthier diet than non organic herds and are housed in well-ventilated, straw-bedded sheds so they live healthier happier lives. 



We don't use artificial fertiliser. Ever. All weed and pest killers are also banned.

Instead we recycle natural fertiliser produced on the farm (manure!). 

Healthier soils absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The UK's organic farmers are among the best in the world at managing soils.

Wildlife is up to 50% more abundant on organic farms than others. They also cause lower pollution, produce less carbon dioxide and generate fewer dangerous waste products than non-organic farms.

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We thought a lot about this one.

We spoke to a lot of manufacturers before choosing who to supply our branded cups.

We wanted to make sure that they were environmentally friendly before they were launched.

Our cups are;

100% Recyclable

100% Biodegradeable

100% Compostable

Free of Toxins

Free of Bisphenol A (BPA)

Manufactured by a PEFC Certified company

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